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Traveled to the most extreme places in the world!

أويمياكون روسيا

Directed us an exciting trip we visit through the coldest place on earth and protect place on earth and more places to land drier, and discover any point on Earth is the closest point of the space, and yes, you will swim in the most dangerous waters in the world and sailing to more islands remoter.

Come with us!

1. coldest inhabited place populated | town Oymyakon | Russia

Live in this place 500 people, mostly families and to reach the degree of coldness - 36 (Thirty-six below zero !!) was used in the past as his political exiles prison.

أويمياكون روسيا

2. Over a cliff top in the world | Mount Thor | Canada
It is not the highest peak in the world, but most downhill. The only elements are the flint and up to 1675 meters.

جبل ثور كندا

3. Over a dry place on the globe | Atacama Desert | Chile

This desert did not even have a single drop of water in the last 20 years and containing the same soil on the surface of Mars type.

صحراء أتاكاما تشيلي

4. Place the nearest space | Chimborazo volcano | Ecuador

Although the top of the mountain container for this volcano lower than the Everest summit as measured height plain floor area of around, but is characterized by the Earth's surface from around the mountain fact it this volcano relative a height above sea level, making this the volcano's highest peak and the closest to Space the scientist.

بركان تشيمبورازو الإكوادور 1

5. More hot place in the world | Dasht-e Lut | Iran

Located in southeastern Iran and up to a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius, making it protect my site on earth.

صحراء لوط إيران

6. the most isolated place on earth | Tristan Island | Atlantic

It is a series of volcanic islands belonging to the British kingdom located in the Atlantic Ocean and is a site farther from all continents.

جزيرة تريستان المحيط الأطلسي

7. coldest continent on Earth | Antarctica | Antarctica

Fifth-largest continent in the world and the coldest continent at all, up to -93 degree coldness ° C.

أنتاركتيكا القارة القطبية الجنوبية

8. Over the wettest place in the world and moisture | Village Mawsanram | India

This Indian village in the depths of the valley contained lies in front of you in the picture and fall with the largest amount of monsoon rains in the world annually.

قرية ماوسينرام الهند

9. tallest waterfall in the world | Angel Falls | Venezuela

This waterfall height up to 979 meters, making it the tallest waterfall in the world and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions Venezuela.

شلالات آنجل فنزويلا

10. The most dangerous waters in the world | Janspaa | Bay South Africa

This bay contains the largest concentration of fish white shark is also an important site for whale watching.

خليج جانسباي جنوب أفريقيا
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