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Strange design of skyscraper .. Tower hanging from the sky in Dubai (Photos)

تصميم غريب لناطحة سحاب.. برج يتدلى من السماء بدبي (صور)

A US engineering firm has unveiled a strange design that will turn building standards upside down, to the world's tallest tower in Dubai, UAE, will be suspended in the sky.

The company, "Clouds Architecture Office" said that the tower, which was called "Tower Almaalma", will be suspended by an asteroid close to the ground through high-power cables.

The tower will be placed in a "Earth-synchronous orbit," which will always make it in a moving position, taking its residents on a daily journey between the northern and southern hemispheres.

The tower can be made of lightweight and durable materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum,said designer Ustab Rodakiewicz, quoted by CNN.

The project will require a tremendous development in cable engineering to design the cable power required to suspend the building, while it will rely on energy from solar panels in space that are always exposed to sunlight and will depend on clouds and rainwater for the water circulation system.

The lower part of the tower will be allocated to the nearest office surface, and the company offers its project as an effective way to avoid floods, earthquakes and tsunamis, as it does not touch the surface of the earth.

The upper part of the tower rises from the surface of the earth a thousand meters, while the speed of flights will travel through the sky to about 482 kilometers per hour.

The new design allows the tower to be built anywhere in the world and can be moved to the final location," the company said on its official website.

The tower travels eight ways over some major cities in the northern and southern hemispheres, including New York, Havana, Atlanta and Panama.

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