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The coolest and strangest places in the world to ride a balloon

Sometimes we do not find the most beautiful sight of the wild inside a colorful balloon and a big fly in the sky; the hot air balloon takes us on a fictional journey, flying between the clouds as in dreams.

  Although some see the balloon as part of a sporting or recreational activity today,

But the story of his invention dates back to the seventeenth century, where it is the oldest means of air transport. If you travel to any of the following places, do not miss this extraordinary experience.

 Pagan, Myanmar (Burma), South-East Asia

We usually call this flight during sunrise or sunset for about an hour,

You will have the opportunity to see the ancient city of Pagan with its vast territory and thousands of ancient temples.

 Reservations can be made directly through Balloons Over Bagan

Cappadocia, Turkey

Away from the bustle of public tourism in large cities such as Istanbul or on a Turkish island like Antalya, Turkey has more; the area of Cappadocia is famous for its caves and underground monuments

, However, the view of the sky is equally dazzling. There are dozens of companies

Which offers flights on the balloon flying over chimneys, arches, surreal homes, distinctive rock formations, orchards and vineyards in colorful valleys.

Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa

The airship in Serengeti provides a true view of the safari and ecosystem in Africa,

  It includes seeing wild animals such as giraffes, blacks, bulls, and many other animals during their annual migration.

Gstaad, Switzerland, Europe

Is there a better flight over the Swiss Alps with a view of Bernese Oberland in winter ?!

  During the last week of January, the annual air balloon festival takes place in Chateau d'Oex where many balloons from all over the world are launched to fill the sky with light colors. Alphine Ballooning offers balloon trips in the summer and winter.

Arctic, Arctic Ocean

Quark Expeditions, for the first time, included the effectiveness of the hot air balloon as part of its journeys and adventures on the Arctic ice fields. More than 50 people took the plane to the South Pole.

  If you want to try this bold trip to see the glaciers, you have to wait until next summer when the company sets out for its next journey.

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