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Morocco - The 12 most beautiful tourist destinations you should visit if you think about traveling to Morocco

Morocco is an impressive country, with snakes, charlatans, crowded markets and endless cups of mint tea. It is also an adventure in the most stunning landscapes in North Africa with its sandy desert and rocky heights of the Atlas Mountains. Morocco is also a journey to a peaceful and fascinating world of beautiful coastal villages, colorful hillside towns, and remote sites protected by clay fortresses like fairy tales. This wonderful country integrates the African and Arab world and is steeped in ancient customs. No wonder Morocco has been honored by artists and writers for decades and still fascinates everyone who visits it.

12 Arek chibi

Inside the eastern desert of Morocco, you can find the stretch of large sand dunes of ripples, where explorers and adventurers go for a dose of excitement in the desert. It is the most suitable area for sand dunes to ride in the four-wheel drive and make trips to the beauty. For those who do not do these activities, just sitting in the sand dunes is worth a long trip here.

11 Essaouira

Essaouira is the most charming and quiet coastal city in Morocco, an old hippie vineyard of the 1970s that has lost nothing of its authenticity. The colorful fishing boats that float above the water, the majestic citadel beside the coast, and the winding alleys of the old city make Essaouira (as it is affectionately known by frequent visitors) a delightful place to explore.

10 Valley of Dades

Tourists, hikers and nature lovers should not miss a trip to the landscape of Wadi Dades in Morocco. The snow-capped peaks of the Great Atlas Mountains a distance, and the great sky of the town there, are the antidote to those who are racking their nerves in the markets of Fez and Marrakech. There are many small villages and exceptional opportunities to explore birds and fertile fields as far as the eye sees.

9 Ait Ben Haddou

This is a muddy fortress that shimmers from the ground amidst a natural landscape that surprises everyone who visits it. It's a place like fairy tales. The orange towers of the Kasbah have become the best place to shoot films because of the beauty of its surreal scenes. If you want to go to the interior of Morocco, it is best to have the Kasbah in your list.

8 Bab Al  Mansou

The massive gate of Bab el-Mansour (guarding the entrance to the imperial city of Meknes from the rest of the city) is famous for its glamorous splendor. It is a monument to the power of the Sultan, one of the ancient and great monuments of the ancient Ismaili capital of Meknes.

7 volubilis

Is the number one Roman ruins in Morocco and is a feast for the lovers of history Bfsvsnha extraordinary that is still buried in the place where it was exhumed. This place is also full of dilapidated pillars and vestiges of temples that remind us that even the greatest empires eventually collapse. The location of the hills allows the ruins to take over neighboring rural areas, as well as the romantic atmosphere of lost glory. You can easily visit this tourist area on a day trip from Meknes or Fez.

6 Chefchaouen

Located in the beautiful mountains of the countryside, Chefchaouen is a magnificent maze of glittering blue buildings that make it suitable for photography. There are not many sights in the city to visit and this is what made it the main tourist attraction in itself. You can simply stroll through the city's alleys with its delightful and vibrant architecture. It is a quiet city and a convenient place to recharge your energy if you are in the midst of the city noise for a while.

5 Tangier

The city is the most visited by Europeans from all Moroccan cities. The city of Tangier has played a fascinating role in the literary history of the twentieth century, and this past is what attracts many tourists. Is the city that inspired famous works such as Paul Bowles 'The Protective Skies' and William Burroughs 'Naked Food'. The city of Tangier may now have been clean since the end of bohemian cafes and market bars but you can still feel a whiff of the days gone by.

4 Fez Al Bali

In addition to Marrakech, Fez is another major cultural destination in Morocco. But unlike her sister, the imperial city in the south, Fes is not visited by many tourists. Fez Bali (Old Town) is a messy, muddy place where it is impossible not to be lost. The city's back alleys with gypsum work and the wonderful old doors will make you stop at every corner to take a picture, while the Fes Balinese Tanneries is one of the most popular places in Fez if you can afford the smell.

3 Oudayya steeple

Rabat's Oudayya is a quiet and pleasant neighborhood that feels miles away from the city. Inside the walls of this ancient castle there are corridors of elegant white and blue houses surrounded by flowers and plants, and washing from the roofs. It is the most beautiful corner in the capital.

2 Mosque of Hassan II

The Hassan II Mosque is a major landmark in Casablanca, a luxury icon not only in the city but also in Morocco as a whole. This modern mosque (which ended in 1993) has replaced a lot of effort to be a sophisticated work. Decoration details covering each centimeter of the 20,000 square meters mosque required 10,000 craftsmen to complete. Although available on intricately carved marble pieces, vibrant mosaics, and glazed details that adorn traditional Islamic architecture, it is still contemporary.

1 Marrakech

The lively and noisy atmosphere of the city of Marrakech has summed up Morocco for many visitors. You enter the Old Town from the vast square of the Art Gallery where half of the city's residents gather all day and evening around vendors' stalls, traditional musicians, snake charmers and random acrobatics. As soon as you get into the city, you will find yourself in a narrow, maze-like alleyway amidst the hustle and bustle of shops. It is an experience filled with the bustle and vitality of popular life, you should not miss visiting on your way to sightseeing in Morocco.

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