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That's why the Saudis travel to grow their hair in Turkey ... you will not believe their number!

More recently, Saudis have taken on hair transplantation in Turkey significantly, in excess of 300 centers, which led to 2,000 Saudi travel during the first three months of this year to carry out hair transplantation.
The number of Saudis who underwent hair transplantation in Turkey in 2016, about 30 thousand Saudis, more than 60% from the previous year, because of the low prices in Turkey is not more than 10 thousand riyals.
The report, issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health, that men outperform women in this matter, reaching 95%, and that the most required surgery is the cultivation of facial hair and head.
Surgery prices in Turkey range between 6 and 10 thousand Saudi riyals including agriculture, treatment, medicines, airport reception, accommodation and delivery from the hotel to the clinic, and the duration of surgery is between 6 to 10 hours and local anesthesia.
On the other hand, the cost of hair transplantation in the Kingdom to 90 thousand riyals, which led to a decline in the proportion of refugees to this process in the Kingdom, and only 400 cases during the past year to grow hair.
Experts predict that the proportion of cases traveling to Turkey to undergo hair transplantation will increase by 15% in the coming months.

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