The ten keys to happiness

تعرف على مفاتيح السعادة العشرة

Choosing happiness and optimism is one of the greatest things you can offer yourself or even give your secrets to your loved one, but it is not as easy as you expect.

In a world full of preoccupations, concerns and people who are considered to be too smiley and positive, you may find that most people avoid trying to cheer themselves up and choose to face life with all their tragedies, health problems and psychological pressures, but you will end up alone.

The keys to happiness ten
1 - forgiveness and forgetfulness
You are surrounded by a lot of those who harm you intentionally or unintentionally, a manager at work, an angry husband, a treacherous friend, etc., but your constant remembrance and love of revenge will not benefit you, but it may hurt you with a lot of thinking and preoccupation with them .. So smile and forgive for yourself and forget.

2. Follow your dreams
Be sure of your dreams and strive for them to overcome them, and always remember that facing difficulties to achieve your dream is much better than the moment of remorse.

3. You are not perfect
You are a human being who misses and hurts. Do not forget that, forgetfulness is wrong and the error is also mentioned, so do not carry yourself overboard and blame it for what you bear and bear. I was wrong, so I failed to test, I neglected the diet, I did not practice my sport, I was short in my work, etc. Remember everything that can be repaired and start again.

4. Accept change
You do not think there is something fixed and unchanging in life, because that may make the simplest change shock you and get you in a wave of depression and sadness.

5. Do not compare yourself to anyone
The comparison is the funniest fun in all the details of your life, so be careful to focus on yourself and know your ability and your potential and do not compare the ability and potential of others, do not tire yourself and lose the sweetness of what you do comparisons.

6 - I am good, and I did what I can do
Talk to yourself and chill out of the vortex of self-consciousness and thoughts that you think you are deficient and did not do what you have to do, always say, I did what I could do.

7 - Learn to say no
Do not try to overload yourself with your commitment to dates and jobs that you know are above what you bear. It may be difficult at first to say "no," especially to people you feel you should always agree with, but you can tell why you did not want to accompany them or do something for them.

8. Focus on exactly what you want
Without a twist or rotation, no less I feel tired and instead say: I need rest and I can not do it now. Being assertive also gives you more comfort and self-confidence and saves you from a lot of pressure.

9 - the nest of your age
You may hear a lot of those who say I'm forty years old and do not turn twenty-five. This may be the most regrettable thing in the future, so when you face a lot of blame and remorse, always remind yourself that you are doing what you can in your life and your time.

10. Reward yourself
Give yourself the opportunity to be happy, but look for happiness wherever you may be, be happy with certain people or work .. so know what makes you happy and do not make him miss.
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